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Hi! I'm Liz. Does your dog need a walk while you're at work? Does he also need some training with outdoor issues? I have created a 1 on 1 dog training program designed to work for you and your dog by combining exercise, training, and training games to optimize your dog's learning ability. 

About the program

This program is designed to work with your busy life and your dogs' individual needs. During walks, we would work on outside issues like leash pulling or reactivity as well as burn off pent-up energy to ensure better focus and observe issues. Then a short training session (optimal training sessions for a dog are 15 minutes after that they lose focus).   Then a fun yet educational training game based on what your dog needs work on. 

"Tell a dog something and they will forget, teach a dog something and they might remember, engage a dog and they will know"-Unknown

                      Obedience  |  Anxiety  |  Recall  | Reactiveness
         Dog to Dog Interaction  |  Barking  |  Socialization |  loose leash walking 
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What the program includes

  • A meet and greet - our first visit will be one for us to meet and have a chance to go over some goals or issues and also give you a chance to see if this program is right for you and your pup.​

  • Weekday walks while you're at work which will include time to burn off pent up energy, customized positive reinforcement training, and a training game to work on skills​​

  • Emails with personalized  tips and tricks to practice at home with your dog based on what he's learned and how he learns

  • Email support for 6 month 

Program Opitions

5 days a week - 25 sessions 1-hour sessions $1035

30- minutes $795

3 days a week- 15 sessions

1-hour sessions $715

30-minute sessions $515

2 days a week- 10 sessions

1- hour sessions $545

30-minute sessions $365

Payment options avalible 




Victoria BC

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